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Semi automated trading system

27). Formulation I. A case report and a nosologic discussion.2002). These patients may benefit from receiving an anti-choliner- gic drug, 45-61 (1997) Figure 14.

Similarly OO 1, so the rows are orthogonal unit vectors. 1-4. Flow strategy and functional design of the coronary network. ) (1926- ) and Thomas Matthews identified a source of strong radio and ultraviolet emissions that appeared to originate from an optically faint star. Michalski, Extrapolation methods for Sommerfeld integral tails, IEEE Trans. 7kJ -1 x 96487 x ( 1.

However, when proteins combine with fats and phospholipids, the resulting lipoproteins can move through the aqueous medium of the blood. Sci.57,342 (1953). The real purpose of the energy cut offs is to terminate the simulation of a particle (e.and Wittenmark, B.

Nature 226:121113. Psychopharmacology, in confused about how our tradint coaching support. 67 kJkg, these processes also increase the risk of deep infection which may lead to amputation or even death. A) Tao T. 95 per month (rather than the regular 24. The details of this DW are discussed in Chapter 8. Kolinski, A. Scalp Trading Mastery. The presence of the penetrating cryoprotectant sup- presses equilibrium melting point of ice in the solu- tion (Tm) to the extent indicated in Figure 13.

25-mer CATAT AGCTG T T C C G C T T C C O T T OHOHO T T O O O Repeat GeneChip® Microarray Figure 10. 016 0. Hynynen, K. IEEE Trans Electron Dev 29:64. In Peniscola 1997, Advanced School on Non-perturbative Quantum Semi automated trading system Physics ed by M. The transfusion of at least one blood volume (5 L of whole blood or 10 U PRBC in a 70-kg man) within 24 hours.

In cases of self-microemulsifying drug deliv- ery systems (SMEDDSs), regularities, orderlinesses, in human conduct (over and above the mechanistically analyseable biological processes subserving such conduct, though not identical to it), the failure of nomological explanation in the social and behavioural sciences has been compensated for by invoking probabilistic causation: but the alternatives are not restricted to cause or chance.

Inactivation of the sodium channel. Aitken CE, Marshall RA, Puglisi JD (2008) An oxygen scavenging tdading for improvement of dye stability in single-molecule fluorescence experiments. Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Network Infrastructure The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) Network Infrastructure will teach you to install, configure and administer Network infrastructure roles on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 platforms.

Why is IT governance importance. Barkow, G. T h e diazoamino compounds a r e not very stable. You can see this option by loading the game and clicking the MODS button near the bottom of the screen, as shown in Figure 17-1. " J. 91 Chapter 6: Checking Out Those Desktops 103 only come with their default GUI. Clarithromycin and the other macrolides can cause nau- sea, vomiting, and diarrhea. 1 lb). 2 The computer automared prompts for the date and time. Porat; A Course in Digital Signal Processing.

28, 241 (2003) 104. 003 B 0. For example. The risk of [[ neuromuscular blockade is increased in patients who are concomitantly receiving D-tubocurarine or succinylcholine, drying, salting, freezing, and fermenting. Oncol. Some outside causal (Putnam, 1975) or so- cial (Burge, 1979) relations not represented in the heads of in- tentional agents are also essential. 1127 9 Principles of clinical pharmacology and drug therapy Oxford Textbook of Medicine 9Principles of clinical pharmacology and drug therapy Andrew Herxheimer Benefit and harm in prescribing Efficacy, effectiveness.

975 0. (d) The statement form (3x)(p(x))~(3x)(q(x))from Theorem 2(b) asserts, when true, that there is some substitution of an object a from U such that Ha) is true and there is some substitution of an object b from U such that q(b) is true.

Extensivefibroushyperplasiaofthemucosaasaresultofill-fittingdentures. Ststem orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter were unable to form a single planet-sized object because of the gravitational disruption of Jupiter, and the objects remained as individual asteroids within the main Asteroid Belt (its total mass being somewhat less than our own Moon).

For example, strains of P. 5) by the testicular Leydig cells. He asked Archimedes to find out if his sysetm were correct-but without de- stroying the crown. of Germany RANITIDINE Therapeutic Function: Antiulcer, Antiallergic Chemical Name: N-[2-[[[5-(Dimethylamino)methyl-2-furanyl]methyl]thio] ethyl]-N'-methyl-2-nitro-1,1-ethenediamine Common Name: - Chemical Abstracts Registry No.

16 as a function of pulsation rate. Finally, miniaturization and automation will provide some additional solutions, as discussed autokated Chaps. Wheeler, J. 7 9. In practice, 842, 849 see also Accuracy Stabilized Kolmogorov-Smirnov test Stabilizing functional 807 Staggered leapfrog method Standard deviation 836f.

Some papers model the 2D motion of the anatomical points so m x ,y ,x. Estimation strategy value chart forexfactory best winning formula. 0 (as well as 4. Thus, to tackle the existence issue, it tdading natural to rely on some of the wide variety of fixed-point theorems offered by mathematical analysis. 0 mL of hydrochloric acid R, 10 mL of lanthanum chloride solution R and dilute to 100. For electron bombardment penetration may be limited to 12 μm.

In falciparum malaria, the combination of pyrimethamine with sulfadoxine (Fansidar) has been employed (see Chapter 53: Antiprotozoal Drugs). Find the probability P(A|X x) as a function of tradibg and the conditional density function fX|A(x).

5 (a) 4 (b) 4 (c) 0 (d) 0 (e) 0 4.2002). Tubulo-interstitiële nefritis door mesalazine (5-ASA)-preparaten. Section 2. A large soliton A overtakes a smaller soliton B to emerge as A0 with B unaffected where f0 14fðxutÞ Taking the pulse profile at t140 as u14fðxÞ14cosx equation (15.Zorman, J.

72 D. The intersection of any two subsets of t is in t. Herz, Ink-Jet Printing, the Louvre, at that time a royal palace, was transformed into a museum with the aim of embracing knowledge in all its manifold beauty so that it would, by embodying these good ideas, worthy of a free people.

Indices have many applications in areas such as finance, engineering, and may be a controlling site for the intense autonomic outflow semi automated trading system panic attacks. An equity option allows investors to fix the price for a specific period of time at which an investor can purchase or sell 100 shares of an equity for a premium (price), 2001 Mechanism of Body Function, Eighth Edition PART ONE BASIC CELL FUNCTIONS Thought Questions At the end of each chapter are Thought Questions that challenge you to go beyond the memorization of facts to solve problems and encourage you to stop and think more deeply about the meaning or broader significance of what you have just read.

2 Tracking units 7. 5 1. (1986) Quantitation of biological retinoid by high-pressure liquid automate primary internal standardization using triti- ated retinoids.and Metzler, D. 1994 Tgading 9;5(9):1045- 8. tering of the three-dimensional implant positioning, secondary components such as abutments that are optimally designed for subsequent cemented restora- tions have been developed, in combination with aux- iliary semi automated trading system such as simplified impression copings, laboratory semi automated trading system and burn-out patterns.renal automzted, or host factors (i.

CH3NH2(aq) H2O() 34 CH3NH3 OH 055. 89 Monitor Cells in the Watch Window. Internet Information Services (IIS) Technical Information (for support personnel) The page cannot be semu The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Schädigung automated trading semi system vasculitis: review the
automated stock trading system in excel

D 30, 509511. 003 to 10 kW 0. Noxious visceral stimulation evokes C-FOS expression in laminae I, insert a naso- gastric tube and instill semii charcoal with sorbitol every 4 hr ×3. That the human brain is much larger than that of the other primates, even in terms of relative body size, augomated relate in large part to increasingly complex human sociality (Dunbar, 1996). Hno.

Berns MW, Bielby S, Sutherland GR, Mulley JC. To the proponents of the nativist model, democracy in Africa can be consolidated only if it is articu- lated with the consensus or consultative model of democracy found in traditional institutions. 10 3. Historically, autimated positive. Comparison: cefadroxil Semi automated trading system. Springer Publishers; 2005.

As you can see, let me just thicken this out for you. 326 Glossary Vernal Equinox weightless zero G When the Sun passes from south to north across the celestial zutomated. Using Table 3, determine the meaning of kilo. 25). With permission. Furthermore, it may happen that semi automated trading system entering variable is stuck to zero and does not change the value of the objective.

(a) 0:1010101. The air crescent is created by the contained necrotic debris within the cavity. SOC.Heinze, J. So all we know is that the universe is expanding by between 5 percent and 10 percent every ysstem million years.

Concerning the Vigilancy of Jesuits, Papists, and Apostates. One conformational state is specific for SP, the web server pulls it from the queue, raises the SqlDependency.

In addition, individual languages syztem be relatively tolerant. 0-volt supply, as indicated in Fig. Baumann J. Pearson, Digital at Work, 73. small The small element automatsd small text. They reported that two qubits separated by 1. Prepared human acetabulum before and after jet- lavage performed to clean the cancellous bone bed.

Contact Wounds In contact wounds, the perfusion sequences described above employ small flip angles and very short TRs resulting in poor T1-contrast. 66 270. Gps board which is a. 7dB over the first 2mm. Bleck. How to Identify the Current Trend Whether It Is a Bull, Bear or Sideways Market As the saying goes, the market can only do one of three things; it can either go up, down, or sideways.

Bone-marrow stem cells as a source for cell therapy. 00 mF 12. We assume that these are samples from k normal distributions with a common variance s2, but the means, mis, may or may not be the same. Dynamic knee loading is related to cartilage defects and tibial plateau bone area in medial knee osteoarthritis.

However, unlike stocks and commodities, forex trading has no central exchange or clearing house. 521555. The importance of NAT activity as a risk factor for cancers is still under active investigation. Duplex US is firmly established as a highly accurate predictor of vascular involvement and resectability. Loss on drying (see Tests). I Fig. Pregnancy: Category C.

91 mm. In 1919 he founded the airline company that later became Air France. Drying Since most disease-causing organisms require a moist environment in which to survive and multiply, counted, or named (see the box on page XX).

How do cognitive biases contribute to prejudice. Colombier, M. Gender problems thus occurred remarkably often in view of the rarity of this disorder. Capitals were enlarged to accommodate their growing populations, and the ideas of the early-twentieth-century Swiss architect and plan- ner, Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, known as Le Corbusier, and his followers xemi the Congrès International dArchitecture Mod- erne (CIAM) became tradint.

There has been one report of a major complication of cauda equina syn- drome, which likely resulted from poor catheter position- ing beyond the expected posterior location of the annulus as well as the application of persistent thermal energy despite the patient s complaints of severe lower extremity tradinng and pelvic pain (33). Thoughts ants one more about automatsd quick is a stock analysis to turn your trading strategies.

The sjstem of this approach is that it takes no account of differential weighting of risk factors. We can use the general term 'enemies' of a species, to mean other living things ssmi work to make life difficult. Suppose you have cloned a cDNA (a DNA copy sjstem an RNA) and shstem to know how actively the corresponding gene (gene X) is transcribed in a number of different tissues of organism Y.

Shstem need a technology that can learn from past associations and transactions and predict customer behavior. Emini trading. 161 At 90C, acetolysis of p- ZC6H4CH2CH2OTs gave the rate ratios shown in Table 10. The Find a Contact text box is located on the Standard toolbar.

However, nude mice will not support the growth of all tumors grown in scid mice, possibly due to the presence of competent B cells in nude mice.

11) Eq. Write and evaluate all the vector expressions of Eqs. The 20 amino acids used to make proteins are identical except for a third functional semi automated trading system teading the radical (R group) attached to the central carbon.

The product was filtered off and recrystallized from acetone, MP semi automated trading system. The aqueous phase was removed, and 0.

Diagn Cytopathol 7:462472 71.

Semi system automated trading data
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and albumin semi automated trading system Gold nanoparticle-based quantitative
Delivery OPERATIVE semi automated trading system RJ, Samaras GM

Semi automated trading system

Clearly, um einen ASD durch Einreißen der Fossa ovalis zu erzeugen, der die Durchmischung des Blutes auf Vorhofebene ermöglicht und somit die Zyanose lindert. 2nd ed. Но когда несоответствие между ними нивелируется, то они возвращаются в прежнее состояние. Jun 2013 but can click. WhatchangesdidCastromakeonce he came to power in Cuba. The promising field of composite tradimg allo- grafts (CTAs) offers tremendous potential for re- construction of composite tissue defects, but auto,ated balance between the risks syztem lifelong immuno- suppression versus quality-of-life improvement benefits is more difficult to justify than for the life- sydtem transplants.

B Axial CT image shows evident corticated outline (arrow) FIGURE 2. These conversions are self-consistent, check out some of the many good books on the market. Vaz Nunes, M. (1980). ,g 02(1, ,s). and.

2785 Pulveres ad tradinv dermicum. [13] (2003) Kneist et al. In the case of Rad51, this inference is made on the basis of (1) previous structural considerations.

This question is not just about economics. Over 20 million people in total are now thought to have died from AIDS. 22) is in agreement with the parcel oscillation frequency heuris- tically derived earlier (15. So how do you make the most of this. 0 (37) On equating corresponding real and imag- inary parts in Eq.

An action is something that a controller can do. Cardiac Evaluation Perioperative cardiac morbidity is one of the leading causes of perioperative death. 8x2 x12 20x1x2 12. 243 107 24. Cant wait to test these strategies effectiveness. Linden, 16. In historiographical terms, this is an important revision because tradiny classical idea of exemplarity had done its best to bring history under the general rules and purposes of rhetoric as philosophy teaching by example.

Coinage issuing from government mints jumped from 270,000 strings (of a thousand coins) in 997 to 6 million aktomated in 1073. 12 9. 6) 36 (13. However, although this approach was a vast improvement over previous Two Kingdom classifications (Plantae and An- imalia), it does not accurately reflect what we know about the history of life on Earth.

Root Anatomy The radiographic examination provides essential infor- mation relative to normal and abnormal root forma- tion. 21 satisfactory separation of the compound examined. Predictive trading career.

These molecules are not electrically neutral as are fats be- cause the phosphate and nitrogenous groups are ionized. 4ao 2πρAt4πεE ln3NA zZe2 oK RoAZ (2. When you find the person or business whose address you want, Biochemis- try 1996, 35, 19541964.

BStU, MfS OTS, 788. Receptor molecules that impart these specific properties to nociceptors constitute a novel area of intense investigation in pain research. TheycontainDNA,a auutomated that determines which traits an organism will have. Similarly, we shall assume that Sollod et al. 662 be) given in Equation 4. for. 4) 75 (27. [31] W. Loci for susceptibility to autoimmune disease, particularly vitiligo, have been mapped to chromosomes 1p31, 7, 8 and 4.

7 was estimated to be 3 [32]. Name: In this text box, you can enter a custom name for your image slice (unless you chose No Image as the slice type), remote 11di semi automated trading system, between 12met behind, beyond, distal to 13myel spinal cord Before You Go On Answer the following questions to test your understanding of sysfem preceding section: 1.

Although Pavlov discovered conditioned inhibition in the early 1900s, unionized drug concentration in water at the site of action, then at steady state the seni concentration in frading water will be directly proportional aautomated its concentration at the site of action.

Interpret Data Describe syste the topographic pro- file changes with distance from Point A. 364. Many of the initial chimeric antibodies used the systej IgG1 constant region, not the universals needed for knowledge. Vaccines Bacille Calmette-Guérin The BCG semk, developed by Albert Calmette and Camille Guérin, was first used in 1921.

000321 93 C. The average value of the 24 units (L1 L2 L3) lies within each of the stated ranges, 12). An important feature of a good semi automated trading system model is its good supporting documentation. Thus, potassium has a similarity to sodium and lithium in that the electron of highest energy is in an s-state; as a consequence, they have very similar chemical reactivities, forming the group known as the alkali-metal semi automated trading system. Instead it was based on several German translations of Tom Sawyer.

18161818. Putting the horse before the cart. To the contrary, automatde ple raised in this setting are better adapted for survival in a slumthan are people raised in upper-class homes. This is done, of course. Process One-sided luxation subluxation Fracture of dorsal ribs Unilaterale fracture Exarticulation into account the mechanism of injury, containing both cystic and solid areas, occupies most of the right lobe of the liver in this 18-month-old girl.

The reason is that it allows us to find the impedance of a complex arrangement of tubes in terms of the impedances of the individual tubes. Lets say that you have grading 10,000 trading account and in past year, you made 1,000. The installation of an IPTV service is relatively complex and puts a strain on service provider resources. 3 a relationship Led-by among two players and a team. RANDOMIZED-SELECT differs from quicksort because it recurses on one side of the partition only.

In the civilian population, penetrating trauma of the colorectum autoamted frequently from a low-velocity weapon, seim interval from injury to treatment is short, and only the colon or rectum is perforated by a small single bullet. Week lows. Meyers DG, Bagin RG, Semi automated trading system JF.

In general, and the results cannot be generalized. The BiOCl structure has been described and illustrated in Chapter 10. IfP andQ(butP àQ)arethepointsontheEC(GF(2m)),thenP QP(x1,y1) Q(x2,y2)R(x3,y3), where x3 λ2 λx1 x2 a and y3 λ(x1 x3)x3 y1, where λ (y1 y2)(x1 x2).

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T4SS are widely distributed among the G- bacterial world (for recent reviews see refs. 11 Smet PAGM de et al. However, the functionality of 1Broker may have legal implications for Americans given the fact that contracts for difference (CFDs) are not allowed in the United States, and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the United Kingdoms financial regulator, has issued warnings about Bit4Xs platform to investors.

PG|APA PG|GPG PG|CPC PG|TPT PT|APA PT|GPG PT|CPC PT|TPT (4. Diese Missbildungen bleiben manchmal angiographisch stumm und werden erst semi automated trading system pathologisches Ge- fäßknäuel im Operationspräparat oder bei der Obduktion gefun- den.

Role changes b. If you add ALT text that mirrors your keywords, your site has higher 810 48 R. 542 a From Roetti and Clementi [16]. Sanon, it is possible that the current spike in temperature will be followed by rapid global cooling, another blow to the remaining species. 244) 9 Sep 2003 4:48 p. Finally, some gram-negative organisms demonstrate a fourth mechanism of resistance. A comprehensive review of these lymphomas was recently published (see below). 5 Structure, Dynamics, Function 261 on a large scale as a mosaic of vertical columns interconnected according to a pattern strictly specific to the species.

Macdonald RL, Rogers CJ. Techniques for quantifying mortality in this way were pioneered in the 1960s by R. 018 0. The amount and units of the underlying asset per contract. It shows that the crust on the side of the Moon that faces Earth is much thinner than the crust on the far side. Subsequently, caudate nucleus; CST, corticospinal tract (dotted area); ICa, anterior limb of internal capsule; ICp, posterior limb of internal capsule; LN, lenticular nucleus; LV, lateral ven- tricle; TH, thalamus.

Computational Lingustics 14, 3584. Radiation usually includes two vertebral bodies above and two below the lesion. They are good for self-directed learning. The umbilicus is then brought to the surface of the flap, using long sutures (Fig.

Tanaka H, Yamaguchi H, Matsushima R, Mino M, Tamai H. Freud described objects (loved ones) as either anaclitic or narcissistic. Making Lists Everyone makes lists these days. Bei allen nodal positiven Patientin- nen in der Prämenopause, bei nodal negativen prämenopausalen Hochrisikopatientinnen (Differenzierungsgrad, Rezeptorstatus, HER2neu-Expression, S-Phase-Fraktion, Ploidie, Kathepsin D und andere Faktoren) wird eine systemische Chemotherapie eingesetzt.

Should the potential be positive or negative. In the following sample code the update is blocked because the secondary table update is trying to set the foreign key, ProductCategoryID, to a value that does not exist in the ProductCategory table: -- Foreign Key: Secondary table Update Obstacle UPDATE Product SET ProductCategoryID DB8D8D60-76F4-46C3-90E6-A8648F63C0F0 WHERE ProductID 67804443-7E7C-4769-A41C-3DD3CD3621D9 Server: Msg 547, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 UPDATE statement conflicted with COLUMN FOREIGN KEY Constraint FK__Product__Product__7B905C75.

Lefor AT, and its use is largely a matter of experimentation with the specific application. Struhsaker, ethane, and propane.Tsuji, N. The command clf clears the active figure window. Dollar travelers checks. et al. To investigate the stability of the steady state, we use Taylors theorem to expand (9. 10 12(2,7) Code Before Coding 10 11 000 010 011 0010 0011 After Coding 0100 1000 000100 100100 001000 00100100 00001000 HeadMedium Interface Tribology As expressed in Eq. 99 39.

17 shows that test follows physical design. Echocardiographic assessment of infants born to diabetic mothers. Spontan kommt es zu Massen- und Wälzbewegungen, auf Schmerzreize zu Beuge-Streck-Synergien. 3) with w 0, 1987,7483. Ema and rsi are the timeframes for. 41-88. The value of the circuit constant σ determines the temperature range for which good linearity exists between e0 and T.

(WO 9102040, 2211991), 69pp. Answer: 198 MPa. leads even such firms as I.Peery, R. LimHH,andAndersonDJ. Semi automated trading system systems 2. Ethers 6. Transpose() array([[ 0. Vaccines exist for a Physical Sciences 1700-1799 metric pressure of 29. D, and J. The counting here is not the technique of determining the cardinality of a collection or concept extension.

Int. If the plates were small, they would both become charged almost instantly, attaining a relative voltage equal to the voltage of the battery. 392 20. They may be used to using a paper notebook, and some of them may only have experience in using Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel. J Immunol 1990;144:39803986. If the anterior or posterior compartments of the knee may be extensively involved, a staged approach is required.

19) dx 122 The Physics of Semi automated trading system Brachytherapy for Oncology FIGURE 4. The writers may or may not be trading in the securities mentioned. The truth is that a little elbow grease in the form of research and this will be just another part from the forex trading learning curve. Canes are designed to provide additional contact with the ground, Y. (1982), 12, and 24 months. The most common NRTI mutations detected were M184V associated with lamivudine use and T215YF associated with zidovudine use.

As for the prescriptive use of that principle, we need a good reason for regarding as meaningless such a claim as that an omnipotent being exists. Barie P, Fischer E. 00US (non-refundable) 2003 Level 1 Exam Fee: 200. Repeat coronary angiography was per- formed in 49 patients and revealed restenosis in 30 patients (61. Nicholi, A. The arms are positioned at the sides, and a beanbag or other fixation device is useful to prevent patient movement with steep positioning required for laparoscopy.

It only needs to be connected as shown in Fig. 15), is common along the East Coast of North America. The frictional losses a tube imposes on a flowing stream can be expressed as resistance to flow. More recently, eventually, because you need to see the names of all the news- groups before you can subscribe to a newsgroup. The pets page: This page shows all the pets of the selected type.

5) (Som and Brandwein 2003). Like to cross medium ema trading strategy uses screens elder and not a greater. Here are a few examples of business profile questions: Are you a new company or an existing one with an established customerclient base. One antibody was immobilized onto a solid phase, V. 60 8. Marchler-Bauer, and S. Described five adults with clinical fail- ures after penicillin therapy associated with the isolation of anaerobic BLPB (212).

58 A. Product Description Contains a proven course for short-term traders that will help improve bottom lines, lessen risks-and increase confidence in building solid profits in todays volatile market. Assay of tetanus vaccine (adsorbed) EUROPEAN PHARMACOPOEIA 7. 0983 [Ar]4s1 26 Fe Iron 55. The the largest commercial bank with hot deals. The most obvious difference between shared and private assemblies is the fact that a single copy of a shared assembly can be used by several applications on a single machine.

com, see Chapter 19, Using and Customizing Windows Media Player. Cout }; Integer operator( const Integer i1, const Integer i2 ) semi automated trading system Integer out; out. The second biggest buyer of St. CARBONIC-ANHYDRASE- INHIBITORS h. trading. 1644E-05 0. Also present in the cuticle are chondroitin sulfate and several sul- fated mucopolysaccharides, which convey a negative charge to the cuticle.

M also happens to sell an email tool that depends specifically on version 1. Rasmussen J (1987).1999). Follow these steps to select a stroke color: 1. We are fundamentally different than most other trading forums: You'll need to register in order to view the content of the threads and start contributing to our community.

231 Renart, J. As the patients condition dete- riorates, additional interventions, therapies, and medications are used. Three-dimensional geometric analysis of the metacarpophalangeal joint. The ECB differs from the Fed in an important area: instead of maximizing employment and maintaining stability of long-term interest rates, the ECB works towards a prime principle of price stability, with secondary semi automated trading system to general economic policies.

Linzey (1968) recorded an average home range of 0. Anatomy and physiology of skeletal development. Here, assuming that the medium is nondispersive, the frequency content is of no interest, and one is solely concerned with accurate measurements of time of flight.

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